Serious Wounds Need Serious Care

Serious Wounds Need Serious Care

We're here to help you with wound care treatment in El Paso, TX

Acute wounds can take people by surprise. Most of us know how to care for minor scrapes and bruises, but acute wound care treatment is something different entirely. You may not be able to manage your injury at home, which is why you should visit Southwest Collaborative Health Care Solutions PLLC.

Our wound care center in El Paso, TX has a reputation for providing exceptional care. We specialize in managing wounds, and our medical providers are experts in their fields. Reach out today to schedule an appointment with some of the best.

Get the facts about acute wounds

The nurses at our wound care center are experienced with treating all types of wounds. Acute wounds are often:

  • Caused by traumatic events
  • Quicker to heal than chronic wounds
  • Impacted by medications and nutrition

We specialize in wound care treatment, which allows us to pick up on underlying issues that other medical providers might miss. Schedule an appointment today to receive exceptional care.