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It isn't always possible to keep up with wound care at home. In many cases, it's a good idea to visit a wound clinic for help. Southwest Collaborative Health Care Solutions PLLC is a top choice for residents of the El Paso, TX area. We specialize in wound care treatment, and we're passionate about helping our patients heal.

Just like every person is different, every wound is different. Schedule an appointment today to get customized care that fits your needs.

Why our wound clinic?

We aren’t the only wound clinic in the El Paso, TX area, but we are one of the best. The staff at Southwest Collaborative Health Care Solutions PLLC are all:

You can rely on us for all your wound care needs. Call today to schedule an appointment at our trusted medical clinic.

Caring for all major types of wounds

Patients all throughout El Paso, TX and surrounding areas visit us for wound care. We're highly experienced with managing:

Venous ulcers

Pressure wounds

Surgical wounds

Arterial ulcers

Infected wounds

Traumatic wounds

We treat both chronic and acute wounds. Contact us today to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable staff member.